Wellness and Recovery

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Peer Support is the heart of our Wellness and Recovery Program. The Peer Support model is an evidence - based practice for building hope, empowerment and social connection among peers through the sharing of common experiences, challenges and solutions.

Wellness and Recovery at TACID!

At TACID, each peer is the creator of their own wellness and recovery journey. We offer walk-in peer support groups that empower and provide support. Together we are building a community of hope.


Certified Peer Support Specialists

Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPCs) at TACID are trained and certified in Washington state. As a community-based nonprofit, TACID CPCs receive additional training in Intentional Peer Support (IPS) a peer-developed approach to peer support. TACID CPCs receive ongoing IPS coaching on how to create reciprocal peer relationships within a context of personal growth and community-building.

Peer Support group

Peer Support Groups

In peer support groups, we focus on wellbeing over a diagnosed illness or disability. While it can take courage to join a new group, at TACID new 'peers' can quickly see they are welcomed and respected by others who share similar challenges and experience.

Wellness and Recovery Peer Support Groups