Wellness and Recovery

Imagine a place where you are accepted for who you are–a place of community, connection and support where you can choose the activities you think are best for your recovery….

Welcome to Wellness and Recovery at TACID!

A day at TACID could be spent enjoying a peer group on self-compassion or relaxing in a gentle yoga class. You could play a game of Bingo, complete with lots of laughter or join us for a delicious potluck lunch and group karaoke.  Whatever your choices, you are warmly welcomed and valued for your unique presence.

Peer Support

The heart of TACID’s Wellness and Recovery Program is Peer Support. The Peer Support Model is an evidence-based practice for building hope, empowerment and social connection through the sharing of common experiences, challenges and solutions between peers. Research has shown that Peer Support centered on deep understanding and affiliation can help to facilitate recovery.


Certified Peer Counselors

Peer Support is people with shared experiences giving and receiving support. At TACID, we’re distinctly qualified to offer peer support because the majority of our staff members are highly-skilled individuals with a disability. All staff members providing direct services are trained CPCs, Certified Peer Counselors, with life experiences in common with participants. Our Wellness and Recovery Program Manager is a licensed CPC, MSW. (Master’s in Social Work)

Peer Support Groups

Peer Support Groups at TACID are focused on recovery and wellness rather than illness or disability. While it takes courage to join a new group, new “peers” quickly realize they are with people who can understand their challenges and have tools to share with the group. Each person is the architect of their recovery journey but together, we create a community of hope, support, and empowerment–a powerful combination for recovery.

For More Information...

Call Mesa at 253-565-9000 x 38 or email mesa@tacid.org

TACID’s Wellness and Recovery Program includes:

Peer Support Groups and Classes

One-to-One Peer Support (for Support Group participants)

Day Room with Group Activities

Computer Lab with Instruction

Intuitive Art Classes

Gentle and Core Yoga

Guided Meditation

Sacred Movement

Seasonal Potluck Lunches

Therapeutic Touch: hand, arm, shoulder, head and neck massage

72 Support Group Meetings (monthly)

Certified Peer Support Internships

Community Garden

Serenity Garden

Free Clothing Bank