Improving the quality of life for people with disabilities

Improving the quality of life for people with disabilities

TACID Update

Thank you for visiting our website. The TACID facility will remain closed through the month of March, but we are pleased to announce that TACID will resume in-person groups and wellness activities beginning on April 4th. Please find scheduled activities under the Schedule tab on the website. There will be a change in Room Two hours, which will be open Monday through Friday from 10am to 2pm. For the safety of staff and participants, TACID will continue to require masks at all times in TACID's building. We will continue to offer on-line groups and opportunities to socialize via Zoom.

For more information about participating, please email , or . We hope to see you soon!

A Message From Our Staff and Board

We are writing this statement to recognize and acknowledge the people of color in our community who are unfairly burdened by grief, trauma and pervasive injustices. We stand in solidarity with you and aspire to be a source of support as co-agents of meaningful change in our country.

In the last several weeks, the difficult truths of enduring, systemic racism have been forced to the surface. The brutal, senseless death of George Floyd and countless people of color who have been victimized by racial motives have been painful and exhausting to witness. Nevertheless, we support those who peacefully and tenaciously voice their demands for legal, social and economic justice in the United States.

Our staff and Board understand that change requires self-reflection, examination, problem-solving and dedication.  Last year, we undertook the first in a series of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trainings, to begin taking a hard look at our organization. We commit to this process as an ongoing endeavor. In the meantime, a staff Equity Group has been established to examine our hiring and employee policies for discriminatory, non-inclusive practices. Our Board has committed to diversifying its membership and is actively recruiting Black, Indigenous and People of Color from our community.

TACID’s mission is to promote the wellness, recovery and resilience of adults experiencing disabilities. In our work, we see the transformative effects of acceptance, inclusion and positive community. With hope and determination, we believe that everyone–no matter their ableness, color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientations, gender identity, and religious beliefs—deserves to experience acceptance, inclusion and positive community and to live a decent and meaningful life

TACID is growing and diversifying its Board of Directors! If you’d like more information, email

- TACID Staff and Board of Directors

Our Mission

Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities’ (TACID) mission is to promote the wellness, recovery and resilience of adults experiencing disabilities in Pierce County.


TACID empowers people with disabilities to utilize their strengths and abilities to create and enhance the lives they choose through programs, community, and volunteering.


  • Increase and diversify funding to optimize the future of TACID
  • Strengthen TACID through focused board development and growth
  • Create a way to provide secure, web-based support groups for individuals who cannot get to TACID due to the level of their disability and/or lack of public transportation
  • Create a program specific to younger adults who are turning 18 and will no longer be eligible for the groups and activities they participated in prior to becoming an adult

In 2018, TACID served 2,148 participants and provided over 15,000 services!


We Need Volunteers!

There are so many ways you can support the work of TACID. When you volunteer to help with a variety of opportunities, we are able to focus and spend time on providing a wide range of activities, groups, workshops, and classes. Please consider taking time to share your gifts and talents with us.

Programs We Provide

TACID provides free programs for adults in Pierce County who experience physical, behavioral health, cognitive, or sensory challenges. Check out one of our programs to learn more.


Wellness & Recovery

TACID offers peer-led support groups focused on wellness and recovery for people living with challenging conditions. 


Behavioral Health Ombuds

A FREE service provided to Pierce County residents of all ages who are receiving Medicaid or Washington State-funded, Behavioral Health Services.


Information & Referral Services

Information and Referral Services provide in-depth information about the community resources that are available to people with disabilities,