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Our Story

TACID, Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities, promotes the wellness, recovery and resilience of adults experiencing disabilities in Pierce County. Founded in 1980, TACID was established to be a center where disabled adults could access core services and support from free-standing community groups and organizations. Today TACID provides peer support services for adults experiencing a spectrum of disabilities and challenges, while also providing free meeting space and facilities for like-minded community partners.

TACID is Unique

Peer Led and Directed: All direct services are provided by Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPCs) who have lived experience of disability or behavioral health challenge. Peer support centers on the belief that people who have faced and overcome adversity can offer support, hope and encouragement to peers facing similar situations.

Intentional Peer Support: Peer support at TACID is guided by the principles of Intentional Peer Support. Intentional peer relationships are viewed as partnerships that invite peers to learn and grow. Peer support groups are a gathering of equals who give and receive support. In an environment of respect and equality, participants realize their experience has value to others.

Non-clinical Setting: At TACID, peer support is non-clinical and doesn’t start with the assumption of a problem. Instead of diagnosis or disability, we focus on wellness and recovery. Peers are individuals with inherent strengths, qualities, and capabilities. Everyone is empowered to choose their own recovery path and to set their own goals.

Inclusive and Diverse: TACID serves adults living with a spectrum of challenges at a single location. TACID’s inclusive approach and peer support model engenders diversity and regular interaction between peers with different abilities. Regular interaction builds community and gives participants a sense of belonging that may be difficult to find elsewhere

Generation of Change: TACID’s newest peer support group for BIPOC young adults ages 18-26. Generation of Change is led by BIPOC CPCs and is the only group of its kind in Pierce County

Please contact Executive Director, Nalani Linder at 253.565.9000 x112 or email nalani@tacid.org.