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TACID, Tacoma Area Coalition of Individuals with Disabilities, provides programs and support services for adults experiencing an array of visible and invisible disabilities. Founded in 1980 by the Tacoma Council on Disabilities, Tacoma Association of the Deaf, The Pierce County Association of the Blind, and The MS Society, TACID was originally established to be a place where various groups could serve disabled adults living in Pierce County. Today, we provide programs and services that support the full spectrum of our participants with developmental, cognitive, sensory and behavioral health challenges, while also providing free facilities to 30 partner organizations that serve people with specific disabilities.

TACID has carried out its mission to promote the independence of individuals with disabilities through peer support, advocacy, and self-sufficiency programs for nearly four decades. Other organizations may share our goals but TACID distinguishes itself by providing programs and services that are peer-led and peer-directed by well-educated, licensed and certified staff. Participants have said TACID is the one place they can be themselves—a place where they can recover and heal with the support of peers and staff members who share similar histories and life experiences. The unique and diverse environment at TACID helps to generate feelings of acceptance, inclusion and community, all of which have been proven to support wellness and empowerment.

The peer-led Wellness and Recovery Program at TACID is responsive to feedback from participants and our resourceful staff-members are dedicated to creating new opportunities based on their requests. TACID’s recently updated facility offers a broad array of services and activities, including a computer lab, community gardens, peer support groups, one-to-one peer support for group participants, classes, workshops and a dayroom for socializing, enjoying games and a variety of media. In the last 18 months, participants’ requests have led to the addition of health and wellness activities such as gentle yoga, healing massage, intuitive art classes and several 12-week classes that address behavioral health challenges.

As we approach our 40th anniversary, TACID’s mission hasn’t changed but our approach to its fulfillment is continually evolving and expanding to meet the needs of our participants. To support this growth, we are actively cultivating diversity within our Board of Directors. While all board members share a personal commitment to persons experiencing disabilities, we recognize that diverse perspectives and backgrounds are needed to fully represent the people and communities TACID serves. Moving forward, as we challenge ourselves to engage in thoughtful, equitable and just decision-making in our policies and practices, we will strive to incorporate the multiple perspectives, knowledge, skills and experience needed to further the mission of this thriving organization.

To learn more about TACID, please join us for one of our monthly Open House Tours. These events are an opportunity to see the facilities, learn more about TACID and hear from our staff.

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Please contact Executive Director, Nola Renz at 253.565.9000 x12 or email nola@tacid.org.


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Below is a video of an interview with several of our TACID staff members on City Line. It will help you know more about TACID.

A safe and accepting community

As we go into the world each day, many of us take for granted being accepted for who we are based on our appearance, status, education, professional relationships, where we live, and what we wear—all primarily superficial ideals. Yet, all of this can change in a heartbeat if we lose a job, go through a divorce or experience a significant health issue. I have experienced the reality of non-acceptance, of losing my safety net and having to find a new way of life in a not-so-gentle world.

Most of us don’t realize how vulnerable we are. We’re certain we will maintain our place in the world and that it will continue to accept us. At TACID, we serve people who have been dealt a difficult hand, some from birth and others after years of living in what they thought was a safe, accepting community. When their life changed and left them different than before, they not only experienced new personal challenges but their feelings of acceptance changed. In many cases, their community slowly evaporated, leaving them alone and isolated as they tried to rebuild their life and well-being.

At TACID, we understand the need for a safe, accepting community.  That is what our staff, board, and participants have created— a place where it is safe to be who you are. A place where a diagnosis doesn't define you or limit your possibilities or abilities. A place where each person is seen as unique and their personal journey is valued by a community of peers. A place where you can learn new skills that will empower and assist you in leading a fulfilling life. Acceptance, grace, respect and a unique love, weaves its way through everything we do.

We would love to share more about TACID with you. Please call me at 253-565-9000 x12 to make an appointment for a tour, or to join our monthly 1-hour Open House Tour. I guarantee you will be amazed and inspired by what you see and hear.

~ Best regards~

Nola Renz, Executive Director