New Year: New Possibilities

2023 Year of the Rabbit


We’ ve officially entered the year 2023— Whoo-hoo!

According to the Chinese calendar, 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. Well, what exactly does that mean? Some associations with our adorable, furry friends include pureness, gentleness, and hope. Embracing the qualities of the rabbit may help you to incorporate these qualities into the next twelve months of your journey.

 So, here’s the question: How can we begin anew, practice gentleness, and maintain hope throughout the year?


At New Year, many of us set goals to embark on. It’s a great idea to make goals, especially goals that are SMART. In other words, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. For more about SMART goal setting and self-care: Smart Goals for Self-Care

When we hope for a change, goals can help us create actionable steps to work towards turning our hope into a reality. Sometimes, as the months roll by, we end up abandoning our goals because we’ve become discouraged by the amount of progress we have or haven’t made.

Here are some ways to practice gentleness with the process:

  • Reflect: Take the time to assess your progress. What is working for you? This is a great time to apply any new information and resources you may have acquired since first setting your goal. When unexpected barriers arise, reflecting may reveal other routes available to you. Sometimes, a large goal can feel far away. Reflection can help you to break a large goal into smaller ones that might ease discouragement.
  • Use positive language: Words are powerful and can impact our states of mind. Would you rather do something that is hard or that is an opportunity to grow? Sign me up for the opportunity please!
  • Share: working alone can be stressful and overwhelming. Sharing your goals with others can open you up to encouragement and resources. Choose Hope for Depression or Living in the Balance peer support groups at TACID, may be a great place to start.

Good luck on your journey this year! And remember, a journey is not a race.

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This post was written by Da’Nitra Wade-Roberts, TACID’s new Young Adult Group Facilitator and CPC. Look for more about and from Da’Nitra on TACID Blog.

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