Behavioral Health Ombuds

Are you receiving Medicaid or Washington State-funded Behavioral Health Service? Do you have an issue with your provider or were you denied services?

The Behavioral Health Ombuds at TACID are here to help.

What is Behavioral Health Ombuds?

Behavioral Health Ombuds are people who have first-hand experience in behavioral health. They know the services well and can help you to navigate problems and reach an adequate resolution with your Medicaid or Washington State-funded behavioral health service provider.

What do Behavioral Health Ombuds do?

Behavioral Health Ombuds can help people resolve:

  • Complaints and grievances — any dissatisfaction with services, written or verbal.
  • Appeals — a reconsideration of denials, reduction or termination of services.
  • Administrative (Fair) Hearings — a formal court procedure when all other avenues have been unsuccessful.
  • Source of Information—provide access to community resources and referrals for additional services

Behavioral Health Ombuds Services

Behavioral Health Ombuds services are voluntary—they can help you understand how to advocate for yourself effectively, or they can advocate on your behalf or on behalf of a designated representative.

Behavioral Health Ombuds can advocate for adequate resolution and assist in setting up meetings and negotiations. The goal is always to resolve issues at the lowest level possible. Some issues are beyond the scope of the Behavioral Health Ombuds.

If you have any questions...

Or would like to speak to a Behavioral Health Ombuds at TACID, please call one of the numbers below in the orange box.

Forms and Brochures

Below are links to authorization forms and information brochures that may be required when requesting the Behavioral Health Ombuds service.

The forms and brochures can be downloaded directly to your computer, smartphone or tablet.