Accessing Services - What to Expect

Our mission is to promote the independence of individuals with disabilities through peer support, advocacy and self-sufficiency programs. Our goal is to help you identify and remove barriers to access and participation so that you may lead the life you deserve and choose to lead. In 2013 TACID served more than 3,500 individuals with disabilities - we did this by providing 2,000 classes, workshops and support groups. People participated in our activities more than 11,500 times over the course of the year.

There are a lot of opportunities to be involved at TACID and to meet and get to know many wonderful people, so we invite you to visit, get to know us and take advantage of the services we provide.

What to Expect
TACID's services are provided at no cost to you at this time. However, TACID recieves funding from the Federal, State and local goverments, who expect that we verify we are providing services for real individuals in the community. Do verify this, we have to collect information from you. We do not share this information with anyone (unless required by courts or law enforcement for specific situations, or if you provide a release of information). Your information will not be sold, traded, or given to anyone outside of the TACID organization.

When you arrive at TACID:
1. Each time you visit, we ask that you sign in at the front desk.
2. Each time you participate in a class, workshop or support group we ask that you sign in on that meeting sign-in sheet.
3. Once per year you will be asked to complete basic intake paperwork that will collect information including your name, address, phone number, email address, disability type, etc.
4. Twice per year we will ask you to complete a self-assessment so that you and our coaches may develop an independent living plan. The purpose of this assessment and plan is to help you have the tools and resources to identify your goals and to remove barriers to achieving those goals.
5. You'll be asked to meet with or have a telephone appointment with one of our coaches to help create an independent living plan.
6. We will also ask you to take one or more surveys during the course of the year - these are designed to help us undertstand if our services are effective or if there are things we can be doing to improve.


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